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memevector's Journal

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Not really a bio... I thought I'd use this space to say something about my use of the "friends list" etc.

Like many people, I don't think of the "friends page" as being about who's my friend or not. It could better have been named the "reading page".

If anyone wants to "friend" my journal you're very welcome, and you needn't ask first.

Originally I was linking back to pretty much everyone who put me on their list, but I've decided that's not a good policy, because in fact I wasn't keeping up with all those journals.

Most of the people on my "friends list" now are people I know away from the net (I prefer not to use the expression "in real life" in this context, because that implies the net isn't, and i.m.o. it certainly is). But my list does include a few people I haven't met (that I know of), whom I've added just because their musings are sometimes of interest to me.

If I don't "friend you back", it doesn't mean that you're missing out on anything in my journal, as in about a year of LJ-ing I haven't actually made a friends-only post. If I did in the future, it would likely be only to a subset of people I know personally, so being on the whole friends list would be an insufficient condition to get to read it. But the fact is I use my journal mostly for musing on ideas rather than relaying the inside gossip :-)

Not being on my list also doesn't mean that I never look at your journal - I may well mosey over there from time to time, just not on any regular basis. I sometimes use my "user info page" as a jumping off point and take a look at the journals of people who've "friended" me. Or I might jump to your journal from a comment you've made in someone else's.

That pretty much sums up the situation at 2003-05-02 but is of course all subject to change :-)