memevector (memevector) wrote,

a plug for my other blog, which now has some content

I did mention already my "new" blog - not so new any more now - but at the time there wasn't much on it. It's since acquired three posts which aren't "blog meta" - two about aspects of time management type stuff, and one on sexual politics. So you can get more of a flavour of where it's going now (though I'm not making any promises that it'll stick to that territory :-) )

Also someone has kindly set up an LJ syndication thingummy,
(oddly, not "worlds" - according to 36 the name was probably truncated due to LJ's character limit). So you can subscribe via LJ if you want. Thanks to whoever organised that, and to 36 for letting me know.

See some of you "there" maybe :-)
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