Internet Explorer 7 web design problem

Long time no post here... have got some stuff cooking for my other blog though.

In connection with that, I have a request for help from the web-design enthusiasts/experts among us (if any are reading).

The problem I'm having is that in IE7, some of the links on my other-blog pages don't work. (Thanks to Annie for pointing this out!)

It's everything in the "content" div, basically the right hand side of the page. Header, footer and sidebar are OK. (Pretty sure that IEs 5, 5.5 and 6 deal with the page OK, though wouldn't swear to that at this precise second.)

Further examination shows that it's not actually the links themselves that are malfunctioning. If you tab to them, and use "Enter" to activate them, they work.

What it seems to be is that the cursor seems to think that the right hand half of the page is empty. Within that right-hand area, it never displays the text-cursor, only the arrow which it would normally be showing over empty space. So if you just go straight to the right hand side, you can't select text for copy & paste either, although you can if you start at the top, hold the button and drag down. That highlights first the header, then content, then sidebar, then footer, which is the order it appears in the HTML. (It's a "float" in the CSS which puts the sidebar apparently ahead of the content on the visible page.)

My HTML and CSS validates OK. Googling does reveal various vaguely-similar-sounding problems with IE7, but I haven't seen this one described. I can't help wondering if it's IE7's fault via one of those classic Microsoft failures to comply with standards - maybe hasLayout, which I only heard of today and haven't grasped at all.

I would be very grateful if someone can tell me "It's probably THIS! and the fix is THIS!"

Other clues also welcome :-)

Thanks for any help!

a plug for my other blog, which now has some content

I did mention already my "new" blog - not so new any more now - but at the time there wasn't much on it. It's since acquired three posts which aren't "blog meta" - two about aspects of time management type stuff, and one on sexual politics. So you can get more of a flavour of where it's going now (though I'm not making any promises that it'll stick to that territory :-) )

Also someone has kindly set up an LJ syndication thingummy, http://syndicated.livejournal.com/uncharted_world/
(oddly, not "worlds" - according to 36 the name was probably truncated due to LJ's character limit). So you can subscribe via LJ if you want. Thanks to whoever organised that, and to 36 for letting me know.

See some of you "there" maybe :-)


I don't want to do any of the things I supposedly "ought" to be doing. And I don't know what I do want to do.


new blog / old blog

New blog.

I will keep this one as well, at least for now. The new one will be more of a writing-for-the-world-in-general type thing and this will be more a way of keeping in touch with people I know in 3d, and with bi/poly social stuff. (Which is what it's mostly been lately anyway.)

I might go more friends-only here at some point, not sure yet.

government consultation on consultations

Now the government are doing a consultation on how they do consultations!

Press release:
Main page:

I think I might put in something on this and say some pointy words about how blatantly biased that "consultation" (a.k.a. propaganda exercise) was on the possession of "extreme" porn.

Deadline is 28 September.

government consultation on hitting children

If you live in the UK and you think smacking children is a bad idea, you might want to respond to this consultation:


Deadline 10 August (next Friday).

You can do an online response and you don't necessarily have to fill in all the questions, so it needn't necessarily take long.

More info/background at:


BiCon update

I'm not going to BiCon after all. Long story - not sure how I'll feel about it all in 6 months' time.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my "who's going to BiCon" post a few weeks ago, and hope everyone who's going has a good one.