memevector (memevector) wrote,

Transtastic Men Calendar launch event

"The exhibition event to launch the Transtastic Men Calendar is on Saturday 2nd June at the Workstation in Sheffield. It is open from 2pm until 10pm, with good access.

"There will be nibbles and a bar from 4pm and we have arranged for 3 speakers, which will begin at 5pm. These include Dan - one of the models, Christine Burns - Press for Change, and Rennie Brown - South Yorks Police LGBT Liaison Officer."

Venue is the Workstation - very near Sheffield railway station.

Event is open to all trans-friendly people. As I understand it, admission is free, and you can buy a calendar for a tenner if you want to.

More details from Lee at T-boys, And a bit more background here (although note that the times quoted on that rather old post have evidently been superseded).

I'm thinking of going up to Sheffield on the day and going to this for an hour or two in the afternoon, probably around 4pm/5pm. Anyone else around in Sheffield this weekend? If so might see you there...
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